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DAYS of the YEAR An American Calendar (OEC) How to celebrate!
01 Ноя 2018, 17:54
An American Calendar (OAC) How to celebrate!!!
01/11/18  World Vegan Day  Authors' Day
02/11/18  Dynamic Harmlessness Day  
03/11/18  Sandwich Day   Candy Day
04/11/18  Use Your Common Sense Day
05/11/18  Gunpowder Day
06/11/18  Love Your Red Hair Day
07/11/18  Hug a Bear Day  Hug a Bear Day (in Russian)   Bitter Chocolate with Almonds Day
08/11/18  Cappuccino Day
09/11/18  World Freedom Day
10/11/18  Forget-me-not Day  Vanilla Cupcake Day  Sesame Street Day
11/11/18  Sundae Day  Tongue Twister Day 
12/11/18  Chicken Soup for the Soul Day  International Tongue Twister Day 
13/11/18  Kindness Day
14/11/18  Pickle Day
15/11/18  I love to Write Day  Clean Your Refrigerator Day  Bundt Cake Day  Use Less Stuff Day
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